Parenting Education Classes - Need

Parenting Education Classes is to be attended by each parent. More than often we may hear parents around us, saying to their children,

  • “Why don’t you ever listen to me?”
  • “Don’t talk to me that way!”
  • “How many times do I have to tell you to…”
  • “Do exactly as I say, right now. No excuses and no arguments!”
  • “I am fed up with you!”

Or we may often hear parents complaining about their children,

  • I always have to be behind my child to make him do things on time.
  • My son is a complete brat; I don’t know how to discipline him!
  • I think I still don’t understand my daughter.
  • What to do, she leaves behind food on her plate almost every day.
  • I end up punishing my child regularly.

As parents we shower our children with all our love, care and affection. We give them all our time, attention and dedication. Most of us as parents are always doing our best to provide our children with the finest things and facilities. But still it is very common to come across tense, stressed, tired and highly irritable parents facing difficulties, struggles and problems on a day-to-day basis in managing and bringing up their kids.

Rearing and caring for children can be tough because most of the times parents, teachers or caregivers are unprepared or untrained. Moreover, children don’t come with any instruction manuals which may guide us as to how we can handle them in times when troubles or problems occur.

You may also be one such parent, having your share of complaints and despairs. You may have also tried to put to use the usual child rearing practices like punishment, sweet-talk, praise, reward, nagging, reminding, appeasement etc.only to find that they are not fool proof.

Wondering about what else to do?
Pondering about how to improve?
Thinking about who can guide and help?


Look no further, as we can provide immense help!

We, at Vidhyanidhi Education Society (VES), with our years of experience in child care and education, realized that parenting and teaching children is a little more than just loving, caring, protecting and providing for them.

So, we undertook extensive research about parenting. As we explored more, we decided to spread our researched, developed and practised concepts and skills to as many parents, teachers and caregivers as possible. This resulted in giving rise to our one-of-its-kind.

Parenting Workshop

‘How to make your children listen to you?’

VES focuses on combining education and science in the area of parenting through this specially designed parenting workshop that will cater to the requirements of parents, teachers, caregivers of children belonging to all age groups.

This workshop will empower the participants by training them in a set of easy-to-understand and highly implementable ‘skills’. These skills will help parents, teachers and caregivers to

  • open and maintain channels of communication with children,
  • find effective and agreeable solutions to everyday issues and struggles being faced by them in rearing and caring of children,
  • form happy, healthy and satisfying relationships with children,
  • create a stimulating environment for children,
  • raise happy, loving, confident and conscientious children in the process.

We are here to make a world of difference in the way you view parenting, teaching and caretaking. VES promises to bring a smile on your lips, happiness in your heart and confidence in your mind, while you undertake the most challenging job possible, that of bringing up, caring for and educating children.

Come, experience the ease, comfort and joy of parenting and teaching!

Come, join VES!