Parenting Skills Workshops

Salient Features Of The Workshop

We all know that there are lots of parenting tips, techniques and suggestions readily available these days from different sources. Many a time we as parents and teachers get confused, and may not be able to decide the difference between parenting skills workshops & advice that may be helpful and that may not be helpful.How do we know and understand what parenting techniques would be best for our children and us? Which tips or suggestions should we follow? What do we take into account before we decide to join a parenting programme or workshop?

We, at Vidhyanidhi Education Society (VES), understand the confusion that you may be facing. Reading a book or magazine, following a website or a T.V programme is alright but when it comes to choosing a parenting programme that you may want to join, then it may not be an easy task. You may have to go through a big dilemma before you enrol. After all, your choice will have a direct effect on your relationship with the children in your life, the way you feel about them, the way you treat them and the way you bring them up. So, it becomes very important that you opt for the right parenting programme, course or workshop.

We may wonder as to why one should choose to join the parenting workshop from Vidhyanidhi Education Society over everything else.

The parenting workshop ‘How to make your children listen to you?’ from Vidhyanidhi Education Society (VES) is unique both because of its content and in the way it is conducted. Train with VES in the parenting skills that no self-help books can tell you, that no course can teach you, and that no website contains.

Here we take an opportunity to spell out all the salient features of this one-of-its-kind parenting workshop. Salient features mentioned below will help you to understand how this parenting workshop can prove to be a life-changing decision for you and your children.

Parenting Course Details

  • The workshop comprises 2 separate sessions of around 4 hours each.
  • Each session is highly exhaustive and intensive.
  • Participants will experience a stress-free and relaxed learning environment in each of the sessions.
  • The sessions offer closed group learning where participating parents and teachers get the chance to share feelings, ideas, viewpoints and experiences and exchange information.
  • A safe, trustworthy and confidential environment is created during the sessions to share personal experiences.
  • The participants will not be sermonized on moral upbringing of their children. They will not be taught impractical philosophical ideals. The sessions have a practical approach; they will equip you with a set of tried and tested skills, which actually work.
  • These are live sessions with fellow participants facing almost similar challenges with children, and therefore they prove to be far more stimulating than just reading books, surfing websites, enrolling for online courses, watching CDs, attending seminars etc. on parenting, where there is only one-way communication and no participation or interaction.

Parenting Skills

  • Each session will thoroughly train the participants in easy-to-understand and easy-to-implement parenting ‘skills’.
  • These skills give weight to the theory that children can be guided by parents towards governing their own behaviour without punitive consequences, thus creating a more humane character without using offensive language.
  • These skills are based on democratic values and always advise parents not only to give their children love, care and attention but to also treat them with respect and provide them with an equal opportunity to be heard, so that communication and relationship improve and harmony and happiness multiply.
  • The skills are not hard and fast do’s and dont's; they offer flexibility and choice. The parent can choose the skills most suitable to the child’s temperament, the nature and gravity of the problem faced and his or her own capabilities etc.
  • The skills and the content of the sessions have been developed by a panel of expert psychologists, educationalists, trainers and counsellors holding real- world experience of being parents and teachers themselves.
  • Intensive research and extensive thought have been put into formulating the ‘skills’.

Parenting Workshops - Conduction

  • Each session will be conducted by a competent facilitator having both professional qualifications as well as personal experience.
  • The sessions will offer hands-on, practical training with ample opportunities for experiential learning. The participants get lots of practice of the skills through role-playing. This helps in learning and remembering skills easily.
  • Each skill will be properly explained and revised by the facilitator with the help of audio's, illustrated cartoons, examples,real-life situations and more, making the sessions highly interesting.
  • The sessions will be thoroughly interactive with plenty of discussion on each skill by the participants, question-answer segments, doubt-solving, answering of questionnaires and practice worksheets etc.
  • Relevant hand-outs will be provided during the sessions.
  • The time gaps in between the sessions will provide the participants sufficient time to absorb, evaluate and apply the skills taught, as opposed to daily sessions or one-day seminars etc.

Parenting Courses - Other Important Features

  • The workshop fee is very reasonable.
  • Admission procedure is hassle-free.
  • The staff and admin team is supportive.
  • Workshops are scheduled all-round the year at specific intervals.
  • Participation certificates will be awarded at the end of the workshop.

With VES’sparenting workshop you'll learn what to say, when to say and how to make your children listen to you. Get all the help you need in raising happy, well-behaved, confident, respectful and considerate children. The skills taught in the workshop are real-world tools that we can employ to create a happier home or class.They make us super cool parents or teachers and each moment with the children around us, an absolute joy and pleasure!!

Parenting Workshops - Eligibility

If you are a
  • stay-at-home mother
  • working mother
  • father
  • parent-to-be
  • grandparent
  • teacher
  • child caretaker
  • child care facilitator
  • counsellor
  • or anyone who is remotely interested in children and in child rearing

then this workshop is perfect for you.