Parenting Skills Workshop

Parenting Workhop Contents:

The parenting skills workshop ‘How to make your children listen to you?’ from Vidhyanidhi Education Society consists of 2 separate exhaustive sessions. Each session will train parents, teachers and caregivers in ‘skills’ on different relevant aspects concerned with effective parenting, teaching and caregiving.

Here’s a snapshot of the aspects that will be covered in each of the sessions:

Session 1

TOPIC I - Helping children identify and cope with their emotions.

Find out how to

  • help children identify and deal with their negative feelings like unhappiness, jealousy, frustration, dislike, anger etc.,
  • restrict unacceptable behaviour while preserving goodwill.
TOPIC II - Getting children to cooperate willingly

Find out how to avoid threatening, warning, ordering, name-calling, mocking, lecturing etc. Train in five specific skills which help to

  • get children to cooperate willingly while leaving them and yourself feeling good about each other.

Session 2

TOPIC I - Ways to substitute punishment

Find out how children usually react to punishment and whether it is necessary as a tool to discipline. Train in skills which will help to

  • substitute punishment,
  • motivate children to accept responsibility for their behaviour.
TOPIC II - Problem Solving

Find out how to get solution to persistent problems raised by children despite of using all the efforts & skills. It will help you to arrive at an amicable solution acceptable to you as well as your child by means of discussion and brainstorming.