Positive Parenting Program


Reema Raut


“Excellent content, superbly conducted, thoroughly enjoyable Positive Parenting Wworkshop. Not just lecture, it is far more interactive and participative than what I had thought. I have already recommended this workshop to the parents of my daughter’s classmates during the recent meet in her school. Thank you for everything.”

Yash and Avanti Agnihotri

parents of 5-year-old Aayush, tell us,

“We had a great time. VES, the content is marvellous and extraordinary. We think this is not only relevant to parenting, but also to making a marriage better.”

Aparna Soni


“This workshop is very relevant in today’s times. The skills are so handy for a working mother like me having a single child. I am so thankful to VES for this workshop,”

Rudra Joshi

parent of two children, one seven-year-old and the other 4-year-old, says,

“The workshop was such an eye-opener! Both my children used to be in constant war with each other. It used to be so difficult to handle them. But now, I and my wife are being able to manage their sibling-related problems much better.”

Manpreet Sodhi


“I was finding it so difficult to get my six-year-old to cooperate with me at all. Everything I asked him to do or not do, he would just simply refuse or do exactly the opposite. He would start all his responses with a ‘no’. I was fed up of his ‘no’s’. But after doing the workshop, of late I am slowly being able to convert his 'no’s' to 'yes’s'. Thanks Vidhyanidhi. If I am being able to make my child listen to me even a little, it is all due to you.”

Varun Bhatia


“I always considered myself a super-dad. So, when my wife suggested that we join this workshop, I reluctantly came for the first session- just to make her happy. Through the first session the examples I heard and the role play that we were made to do, I realized something so similar happens between me and my 5-year-old. On my way back home I thought, "Does that mean I am not a super dad?" Then it dawned on me, “No, I am a super-dad but then I can always be a ‘super-duper dad’. In the next session I came back with all earnestness.”

Agatha Joseph

a primary class-teacher and a mother of two, shares,

“I essentially joined the programme for my own children. But now I am applying the skills learnt by me with the children of my class as well. The skills which help to make children develop a positive self-image of themselves through praise are especially good. The programme is highly recommended for parents as well as for teachers and educators like me. Thank you.”

Aastha Yogi

mother of an eleven-year-old, says,

“The striking feature of this workshop is the way the skills are taught by way of practice sheets, role play, revision etc. It is effective and interesting. It doesn’t sound like a pravachan. Good. I learnt a lot and enjoyed a lot at the same time.”

Archana Mistry

working mother of a six-year-old, confesses,

“I had started thinking that there can never be a solution to all the troubles I was facing with my son. He won’t listen and won’t do one thing I told him to do properly. He was becoming stubborn by the day. To top it all, my schedule was not allowing me to spend enough time with him. I had started using physical punishment. But since I did this workshop, things have started improving slowly. I am getting him to cooperate with me more readily these days. Thanks to VES. This parenting workshop is a blessing for a parent like me.”

Prisha Joshi

father of seven-year-old Tuhin, says,

“I especially like the session on praise or appreciation. I realized how wrongly I was doing it earlier. In fact, my son takes my praise more seriously these days and works better .Thanks for teaching me how praise can be used as a tool.”

Ruksana Ali


“All the sessions and all the skills taught are immensely useful. In fact after the workshop, I have been consciously putting each skill to use with my daughter, and it is working. The usual nagging, cribbing and annoying is reduced a lot. The part of the workshop which tells us about acknowledging feelings of children is absolutely remarkable. Prior to attending this workshop I frankly never paid attention to how my child felt.”

Bharti Pednekar

mother of a ten-year-old son and counsellor at a prestigious school, says,

“I was really impressed by the way the sessions were conducted. Each session was an eye-opener. Though I knew the concepts, the step-by-step skills that can actually be implemented in situations were new to me. I am really getting positive results at home as well as in the school due to them. Thanks.”

Rita Arora

tells us,

“Everything I asked my daughter to do or not do, she would not cooperate with me on anything. There was constant tug of war .The session on engaging cooperation is so good. By using the skills taught, I am able to get her to cooperate with me without any trouble. In fact, she has started being helpful around the house more willingly than ever. Wonderful! Thank you.”

Divya Ranjan

a working mom, says,

“This workshop gives us lots of practical solutions on all kinds of parenting problems that we face in our day-to-day lives. I found the skills very handy. Far better than just reading a parenting book!”

Deepti Shikdar


“I was so astonished to find that the illustrations and situations described during the sessions were so similar to the ones happening between me and my seven –year- old on a daily basis- the same disagreements, same disobedience, same nagging etc. I am so happy I joined VES because now I am putting to practise all the skills I learnt and easing out the same old situations so smoothly these days, which used to be nothing less than nightmares for both me and my son before.”

Pramod Kunvekar

(father of a 10-year-old) says,

“Initially the idea of joining a parenting workshop did not appeal to me at all. Then I went for an inquiry to the institute. All that was told to me, the brochure, the website, made me think about it. I finally decided that this workshop at VES is completely different from the other parenting programmes. I joined and I have really benefited. Thanks a lot, VES.”

Rajesh Asudani

having a nine-year-old daughter, tells us,

“I had read about a few of the concepts earlier. But the way the content of the workshop has been developed in the form of steps and skills which can be remembered easily and applied in situations, is awesome! It is not just theory and that is the best part of it. And the practice sessions only make learning of the skills easier. Very innovative and very good!”